I believe that everyone should be able to feel calm and relaxed, I'm happiest when I've been able to make your world better. y

I've always had a thing about sound.

From a very young age I've been fascinated with how various sounds and different types of music affect me.

In 2008 I experienced my first ever soundbath. For me it was totally transformational. I emerged refreshed, relaxed and amazed.

What can soundbathing do for you?


When certain frequencies are heard your brainwaves go from an everyday Beta

unrelaxed state to an Alpha - Theta state

(the feeling you have just before you drift off to sleep).

A remarkable 14,000 studies show that in this state stress levels disappear, opening your mind to a great source of creativity, where you can ask yourself questions for answers!

When you are totally relaxed your mind and body can begin to heal.

The beginning


I was so impressed that I decided to delve deeply and spent time researching this while doing my M.A at Norwich University of the Arts.

Followed by a further 2 year study with the

British Academy of

Sound Therapy, where my feelings were confirmed, - sound really does have

the power to heal on a cellular level.
In the last 30 years, many studies have proved

that sound really can have the ability to release anxiety,

stress and pain.


What happens to your body in an Altered state of Consciousness?

In this state, your mind and body can become so deeply relaxed, that all your anxiety and pain can melt away becoming increasingly more manageable with each session.

Professionally trained with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, which has been developed over the last 30 years, the instruments I play, create an opportunity for you to deeply relax, which is beneficial to your health.

During a session you are given the chance to explore whatever inhibits your flow in life, (this is your 'resistance.')

The treatment may help you become aware of what you can do to 'release' whatever is preventing your flow. (The goal is for you to feel 'resonance')

For many people a Soundbath may put you into an ASC or Altered State of Consciousness. You may see, feel or sense a variety of colours, lights, vibrations, scenes, animals etc and feel quite euphoric. The experience is unique for everyone.

The instruments I use are Crystal bowls, the Gong, my voice or Drum, followed by percussion instruments to bring you back to a full waking state.

At the end there is a minutes silence for reflection.


Jane Hacon

Georgie Edwards

I certainly was blessed. During my altered state of consciousness, I saw a meteor shower with faces of mother Mary, & Joseph and many guides who were with me. I saw Cupid who gave me love in abundance giving me a message that someone is coming to me very soon.

An experience Iā€™m not likely to forget, as it was all so spellbinding! I felt a hand laid on my shoulder, and the healing energy was awesome. That is just a little of what I was given. I felt truly blessed,

Thank you for taking me on that transformational sound bath.


"My Soundbath experience was profound and healing. The different sounds and vibrations released anxiety that I had been holding onto for many years. I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace and stillness, which I have not had before. I also felt very connected to my spirit and soul.

Maryjane is a wonderful sound master and I felt very safe and cared for during our time together. I continue to use Soundbaths to help keep me grounded and connected to myself and others.

I have experienced both the group and individual sounds baths with Maryjane and both are very relaxing.

I found the individual sound bath was a whole new level of relaxation. A very wonderful hypnotic experience. Great for physical pain relief. I highly recommend at anytime.

Sarah Gee